Who wrote Chachnama

Chachnama which implies to be a Persian interpretation by ‘Ali Kufi (during 13th century) of an undated, unique Arabic text, has for quite some time been viewed as the tale of the mid eighth century triumphs by the Umayyad general Muhammad Bin Qasim.

The text is critical in light of the fact that it has been a wellspring of provincial comprehension of the starting points of Islam and the Islamic successes in the Indian subcontinent. It affected the discussion on the partition of British India and its story has been remembered for the state-endorsed history course readings of Pakistan.

Nonetheless, as per Manan Ahmed Asif, the text is as a general rule unique, “not a work of translation”. The Chach Nama is a heartfelt work impacted by the thirteenth century history, not a verifiable text of the eighth 100 years, states Asif. Some Islamic researchers and current history specialists question the credibility of a portion of the Chach Nama’s reports.

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